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The Descent Movie
Released: Aug 4, 2006

Running Time: 95 Min.

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MPAA Rating: N/A

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$ N/A million
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N/A The Descent (Aug 4, 2006)

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Movie Summary

he film follows a group of six women on a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains. Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) is recovering from a car accident a year ago, which killed her husband and daughter. She and her friend, Beth, (Alex Reid) are invited to the Appalachian Mountains by Juno (Natalie Mendoza). There they join up with Holly (Nora-Jane Noone), and two sisters, Sam (MyAnna Buring) and Rebecca (Saskia Mulder). After stopping in a cabin for the night, they drive to the caves and begin to explore. A cave-in blocks the way they came in, and it is revealed that Juno has brought them to an unexplored cave system in a misguided effort to bring the group closer together. They continue on as their only hope is to find another exit. Holly breaks her leg in a fall and, as the others assist her, Sarah wanders off and sees a pale humanoid figure drinking from a puddle of stagnant water. It disappears into the darkness when it senses her, and when Sarah tells the others, they dismiss it as a hallucination. Group photo of the expedition team Group photo of the expedition team As they progress through the cave system, they come under attack from the creatures (dubbed 'crawlers'). Holly is killed. Juno stabs Beth through the throat by accident, and Beth grabs Juno's necklace as she falls to the ground. The remaining members are separated, and try to survive the environment and the stalking crawlers. Sarah hallucinates about her dead daughter at several points, and as she explores the caves, comes across Beth, who is mortally wounded. Sarah sees the pendant that Beth got from Juno, which shows Sarah that Juno had been having an affair with her husband. At her request, Sarah euthanises Beth. Sam and Rebecca are both killed by crawlers. Juno narrowly avoids the same fate. She meets up with Sarah, and the two make their way onwards together, only to find a group of crawlers between them and a possible exit. A fight ensues, the women kill the creatures, and afterwards Sarah cripples Juno and leaves her for the crawlers. Fleeing, Sarah falls and is knocked unconscious. She dreams of escaping the cave and sees a bloodied Juno in the car beside her. Screaming, she awakes once more in the cave, hallucinating that her daughter is there with her. Crawler screams are heard, and the film ends. The North American poster for The Descent. The North American poster for The Descent. [edit] Alternate ending The Descent was released in North America with approximately a minute cut from the end. Sarah escapes the cave and sees Juno, but the film does not cut back to the cave. In the 4 August 2006 issue of Entertainment Weekly, it was stated that the ending was trimmed because viewers didn't like its "?¼berhopeless finale". Lionsgate marketing chief Tim Palen said, "It's a visceral ride, and by the time you get to the ending you're drained. [Director Neil] Marshall had a number of endings in mind when he shot the film, so he was open [to making a switch]." Marshall compared the change to the ending of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, saying "Just because she gets away, does that make it a happy ending?" The original ending is present in the North American Unrated DVD release.

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