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Stay Alive
Released: 24 March 2006

Running Time: 85 minutes

Aspect Ratio: N/A

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for horror violence, disturbing images, language, brief sexual and drug content.

$ N/A million

Domestic Gross:
$ N/A million
International Gross:
$ N/A million
Worldwide Gross:
$ N/A million

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N/A Stay Alive 2006 (24 March 2006)

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Movie Summary

After the mysterious brutal death of an old friend, a group of teenagers find themselves in possession of Stay Alive, a next generation survival horror videogame based on the spine-chilling true story of a 17th century noblewoman known as "The Blood Countess." The gamers don't know anything about the game other than they're not supposed to have it... and they're dying to play it. Not able to resist temptation, the group begins to play the grisly game and soon a chilling connection is made ??? after losing the game by dying, they are being murdered one-by-one in the real world, by the same method as the character they played in the game. As the line between the game world and the real world disappears, the group must find a way to defeat the vicious and merciless Blood Countess, all the while trying to stay alive. A predomanent theme throughout the movie is the idea of the rose. In the game, the rose is used to destroy any enemy that comes at the player, and in reality, it's a rose that stops an oncoming Elizabeth Bathory in a carriage that nearly runs over one of the characters. There were several historical errors throughout the movie, namely, that the "house" of the Blood Countess being in America, while in reality she lived and grew up in Hungary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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