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Released: March 31, 2006

Running Time: N/A

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MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, and language.

$29.50 million

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$ N/A million
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$ N/A million
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N/A Slither (March 31, 2006)

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Movie Summary

When Grant Grant (Michael Rooker), the wealthiest citizen of small town Wheelsy, South Carolina contracts a strange illness, things start acting out of place. Pets go missing, then livestock and people and all of it somehow leads back to Grant. However, Grant isn't feeling too well, given his unusually massive appetite for meat and he's shacked up in the basement of his home, away from his wife (Elizabeth Banks), who is starting to notice her husband's unusual behavior and body changes. As Grant slowly transforms into a hideous creature capable of much grislier tasks at hand, the town of Wheelsy faces a threat against humanity. As its citizens seem to be overcome by an alien plague from outer space, they'll only transform into bloodthirsty monsters like Grant. It's only the survivors who can prevent this seemingly peaceful town from being completely overrun by something far more capable than just transforming people into hungry monsters, but destroying life as we know it.

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