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See No Evil
Released: May 19, 2006

Running Time: 85 min

Aspect Ratio: N/A

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong gruesome violence and gore throughout, language, sexual content and some drug use.

$8.00 million

Domestic Gross:
$15.00 million
International Gross:
$ N/A million
Worldwide Gross:
$15.00 million

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N/A See No Evil (May 19, 2006)

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Movie Summary

A group of delinquents with a police officer clean the Blackwell Hotel to fill their community service. Unfortunately for the group, they are not aware that psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Kane) is also in the hotel. The psychopath is a man shot by the officer, and has a rusty steel plate screwed in his head and sharp blade-like fingernails. Goodnight locks them in and begins to hunt them down. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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