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Hostel Movie
Released: Jan 6, 2006

Running Time: 95 Min.

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

MPAA Rating: R

$4.50 million

Domestic Gross:
$47.20 million
International Gross:
$ N/A million
Worldwide Gross:
$47.20 million

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N/A Hostel (Jan 6, 2006)

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Movie Summary

The movie is set in Europe, opening with a shot of a man washing blood down the drain of a mysterious-looking room. Moving from there, we meet three backpacking buddies: Paxton, Josh (both from the United States) and Oli (from Iceland), who describes himself to his friends and to all who will listen as "the king of the swing." They enjoy repeated experiences of drugs and prostitution in Amsterdam, looking for cheap thrills instead of art. After being kicked out of a club and locked out of their hotel, they meet Alex, a man who tells them of a Slovak hostel that is filled with American-loving women that are easy to get into bed. They take a train there, meeting a bizarre, sexually forward man on the way. Once they arrive at the hostel, they meet Natalia and Svetlana, two very beautiful young women who share their hotel room. The girls invite them down to a nude spa and later have sex with Paxton and Josh after a night out at a club. Soon after, Oli and a Japanese woman who was also staying at the hostel go missing, leaving Paxton and Josh to wander about in search of them. (Little do they know that both of them have been abducted and taken to an abandoned factory used for torture). A Japanese woman named Kana runs up to them with a picture message on her cell phone. It shows Oli with her friend Yuki with a factory smokestack in the background. It says "Sayonara" (さよなら, sayonara?), but they are not buying it. They follow a man wearing Oli's jacket to a Museum of Torture. When they ask him where the jacket is from, he answers that it is his. While on their way back to the hostel, Paxton receives another picture message on his cell phone, this one being a picture of Oli's decapitated head (cropped so as not to appear decapitated) with the caption underneath, "I go home." They argue about what to do next. Paxton asks Kana if she wants to get a train out of Bratislava with them. She says yes. They decide to hit the disco with their girlfriends; Josh gets sick, returns to the hostel and goes to bed while Paxton accidentally gets locked in the disco's storage room and passes out. The next day, Josh wakes up handcuffed and in his underwear in a room similar to the one where Oli's decapitated head is shown. He is being tortured by the bizarre man from the train and offers to pay him to stop. He replies, "I am the one who is paying them." After Josh gets drilled in both legs and below the collarbone, the torturer cuts Josh's Achilles tendons, then removes his handcuffs and allows Josh's freedom. Josh gets up to exit the room, but his slit tendons create bodily imbalance, causing him to fall forward onto the floor. The torturer then proceeds to kill Josh off-screen. Paxton is let out of the storage room the next morning and finds his surroundings growing more and more mysterious. He returns to the hostel to find Kana is also missing. When he returns to his room, he finds a new set of beautiful women inviting him down to the spa in the same manner as earlier in the film. He wanders the streets looking for the smokestack in the background of the cellphone photo of ??li and has his cell phone stolen by a candy-grubbing gang of violent children. He attempts to enlist the help of the police, but they inform him nothing much can be done. He finds Natalia and Svetlana at a non-tourist bar. They repeatedly insist he have a drink. He presses them for information on the whereabouts of his friends and they tell him that Josh and Oli have gone to an art show. He demands that they take him there. Natalia brings Paxton to the same factory shown in the cell phone photo of ??li. She lures him inside where he witnesses the bizarre man from the train sewing up Josh's life-less body. Paxton confronts Natalia who laughs and says he will make her lots of money, as he is grabbed by two thugs, who drag him down the hall to his cell. Along the way, he witnesses unspeakable acts of butchery taking place in other rooms. He is handcuffed to a chair and left to await his fate in the dark. A torturer soon shows up to kill him. The torturer, who seems to have a sexual obsession with torture and suffering, toys with Paxton using scissors and pliers. First Paxton begins to beg for his life in English which does not faze the torturer, but after Paxton begins speaking German, the torturer slaps him and asks a guard to place a ballgag on him. The torturer, left alone again, grabs a chainsaw and revs it dangerously close to Paxton's head. Paxton starts to vomit, ballgag in mouth, and the torturer, wanting his money's worth, removes the ballgag from Paxton's mouth so he does not suffocate. Paxton tries to bite the torturer's fingers, and the torturer accidentally cuts through the handcuffs while taking off two of Paxton???s fingers. The torturer charges forward, slips on the blood and vomit (which has begun to pool on the floor) and falls, bringing the chainsaw down on his right leg, gruesomely severing it. Paxton is able to break free and kill the torturer with a shot to the head from a pistol from the torturer's tool bench. Paxton calls the guard in German (the torturer's native tongue) and shoots him. From there, he begins his escape from the factory, taking his severed fingers with him in his pocket. Paxton's first plan is to dress himself as a torturer, by putting on a surgeon's apron and a horned helmet he finds in his torture room. He quickly exits his room, just as a group of thugs are rounding the corner of the hall he is in. Ducking into a closet to avoid being seen, he is disgusted by a pile of bodies on a cart. When he hears someone entering the room, he pretends to be a corpse and hides himself under the pile of bodies. The cart is taken by a butcher to another part of the factory where the bodies will be incinerated. Paxton spots Josh???s corpse, incapacitates the butcher with a hammer and continues his escape. He finds a locker room and looks out the window to see police officers talking to torturers, bringing him to realize that the police are part of the murder factory. He raids one of the lockers in the dressing room for a suit and leather gloves to hide his mangled hand. In the pocket of the suit he finds a business card for "Elite Hunting" On the back of the card are three handwritten prices: American $25,000, European $10,000, Russian $5,000. An American businessman arrives. Believing Paxton is a fellow killer, the businessman talks to him about the $50,000 he paid for his "special treat" and asks whether or not he should "make it quick" with a pistol. The business man leaves without the pistol, which Paxton takes with him as he continues his escape. He turns back when he hears the screams of the businessman???s victim, who turns out to be Kana. He breaks back into the factory, entering a torture room in which the businessman is melting Kana's eye with a blowtorch. He shoots the businessman twice. Kana is still alive, but her right eye is loosely hanging from its socket. In an act of sympathy, Paxton cuts out her eye, and then takes her with him in his escape. They steal a car and flee the factory, but are chased down by the guards. Paxton then finds Natalia and her friend, and also finds Alex, who was helping them lure the boys to their deaths all along. He runs them over in revenge and then when cornered by the Bubble Gum Gang hands the kids a bag of bubble gum that was in the car. The gang, now sufficiently bribed, attack and kill the pursuing guards when their car arrives. Paxton and Kana finally arrive at a train station, but other guards are waiting there with the police. As Paxton prepares to hop a train, Kana sees her disfigured reflection and is horrified at what she sees. She kills herself by jumping in front of a passing locomotive. This creates a diversion which allows Paxton to get on the train and escape. On the train Paxton hears the familiar voice of Josh's torturer. Paxton follows him as he exits the train at Hlavni Nadrazi, Prague's main train station, and enters a public restroom. Inside, Paxton takes him by surprise, cuts off two of his fingers, half drowns him in the toilet, and then gives him a glimpse of his killer before slitting his throat. Paxton then boards another train, and the film ends.

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