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* There was a subplot that was dropped from the film, having been written and shot that featured Chris Cooper as a child murderer. Cooper's villainous character appears in the beginning of the film, who tries to convince journalist Rachel (Watts) that he has been rehabilitated and ready to reenter society. But Rachel sees through this facade and helps put him back in jail. At the end of the film, Rachel drops off a copy of the videotape for him at the mental hospital where he is staying. The only remainder of this subplot is a picture of Cooper in a newspaper article, which Noah picks up his coffee mug from. * Adam Brody makes an appearance as one of the teens talking about the cursed tape at Katie's funeral. * There are brief flashes of the "ring" motif throughout the film. There is at least one instance of a barely detectable single frame of the ring being spliced into the film between scenes, such as at 57:35, just after the horse jumps off the ferry. The ring also appears briefly during the opening DreamWorks logo. * The bizarre music on the cursed videotape is the same noise as Anna closing the lid on the well. * Ringu wasn't released in theaters when The Ring was in theaters, but appeared on DVD around the DVD release of The Ring. * The "Don't Watch This" feature on the DVD has outtakes from the film that are edited into a short film. It also appears on the VHS version after the film's end credits. We discover from the scenes that the camp ground owner near the well also saw the tape. Noah discovers his body in a canoe on the lake near the camp when he and Rachel returned there on day 7. The camp owner presumably watched the film shortly before Rachel. The deleted scenes also show Rachel renting two movies, Pok?İmon: The First Movie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which she presumably did to return her and her son's copy of the tape. * According to director Gore Verbinski, he would occasionally get into heated arguments over the production with producer Walter F. Parkes. * The term "ring," in the American version of the film could refer to the ring of sunlight barely shining beneath the edges of the well's lid that Samara saw. Some say it also refers to the endless cycle of Samara's deadly video, as well as the "ring" from the telephone. * On the DVD box cover featuring the photograph of the well scene, and also the well scene in the cursed video as shown in the movie, the sum of the composition of the frame is Samara staring out at the viewer. The well itself are her nostrils, the haze in the mid-ground is her face, while the trees in the background contain her eyes and form the hair that partially obstructs her face. * There is an early Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name that has no relation to this movie. * In early 2004 a teenager bombarded the UK based insurance firm Domestic & General Group with 5 million emails, causing their server to collapse. Contained within the emails was a quotation from this film. [1] * As an exclusive DVD feature; if you move the cursor one up from the "Play Movie" option, the uncut version of the tape is played. Interesting to note is that you cannot fast-forward, stop, pause or backtrack the video. The only way not to watch the track is to switch off the television. After this track plays, the DVD returns to a faux main menu which is identical to the real main menu, except a ringing phone is heard. If the viewer has a home theatre system, the ring is sounded through the rear speakers, increasing the illusion that their phone is actually ringing. * When the movie was released on VHS in North America, the video was packaged in a transparent plastic sleeve rather than a standard cardboard one. This gives the video the appearance of a rental tape one would find at a local store. The DVD came in a standard black keep case. * At one point in the film, in the scene where Rachel is researching Anna Morgan and Moesko Island, she finds information on a website which is located at: This one-page website actually existed until it was discontinued in 2004. The website has since been copied and placed at: * Emo/Horror Punk band Aiden took their name from the child in the movie, and sampled a quote from the movie in their song "I Set My Friends On Fire". * During the cursed video, approximately 25 seconds in, a young boy's voice can be heard faintly singing about a weeping willow. This audiotrack is sampled from the 1961 classic The Innocents.

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