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The film opened to decent reviews, especially for a horror film. The film scored a 61% ???Fresh?? rating at Rotten Tomatoes [1] and an initial B- at Yahoo! Movies [2], a good showing for a horror film (By comparison, Saw only received a 45% ???Rotten?? rating [3], but also has a B- average at Yahoo! [4]). However, the film was not very well-received with audiences. It only has a 5.8 score on the Internet Movie Database, in contrast to Saw 's 7.6 average on the Database. [5][6] Also, Yahoo! users give the film a C+, while Saw has a B average from Yahoo!'s users. [7][8] The film's opening weekend North American box office gross was $19.5 million [9], making it the top grossing film that weekend. And it went on to gross a total of $47.2 million. The film's budget was around $4.5 million [10]. Critical results were mixed, and the film received strong complaints from the country of Slovakia, which is depicted in the film. Slovak officials were disgusted by the film???s portrayal of their native country, claiming that it would ???damage the good reputation of Slovakia?? and would make foreigners feel that it was a dangerous place to be. The film was not shot in Slovakia. It was mostly filmed in the Czech Republic. Director Eli Roth said that the film was not meant to be offensive, but rather to point out ???Americans' ignorance of the world around them.?? [11] "Hostel" was praised in the summer 2006 issue of Artforum magazine, which called it "the smartest, most subversively political American film about American attitudes overseas."

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