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Slither was a box office bomb, earning a disappointing $3,880,270 in its opening weekend, and grossing a worldwide box office total of $12.2 million, substantially less than its total budget of $29.5 million (when marketing costs are included).[1] Consequently, Slither's poor box office performance may have a profoundly negative affect on the future of the horror/comedy genre, discouraging studios from producing them.[1] Ebert & Roeper gave Slither two thumbs down, with Roeper saying he was "all zombied out", after reviewing a wave of similar zombie-themed movies from the year before. [1] However, Slither received an 83% favorable rating among the consensus of critics tracked by[5] Slither managed to pick up the 2006 Fangoria Chainsaw Award for the Highest Body Count. The film also garnered nominations in the categories of Relationship From Hell, Dude You Dont Wanna Mess With, and Looks That Kill.[6] The movie was also featured in the April 14th, 2006 issue of Entertainment Weekly, as #1 on "The Must List"; "Ten Things We Love This Week."[7]

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